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So, you've got a garden in Worthing, Rustington or another nearby West Sussex location that could use a little TLC? Our landscapers are here to provide exactly that – and to transform your outdoor space into a charming oasis, tailored to your tastes and day-to-day requirements. Whether you're dreaming of a tranquil retreat that courts the traditional, or of creating a cutting-edge and modern entertainment area, the possibilities are endless.

On this page, we’ve looked to explore how the Salvington Landscapes team can shape and improve your garden in Worthing or Rustington. However, keep in mind these are just a few suggestions and ideas to get the ball rolling. Ultimately, our landscapers can handle any aspect of the task of upgrading and rejuvenating outdoor environments. With this in mind, whatever your ideas and goals are, give us a call on 0759 291 1676 to take the first step in a total garden transformation.

How Our Landscapers Can Shape Your Garden

The first thing to do is to get a real understanding of the layout and natural elements in your garden. Salvington’s veteran landscapers will take a stroll through your space, assessing the soil, sunlight patterns and existing vegetation. Armed with this knowledge, we can then work with you to determine the best design approach that complements the unique characteristics of your garden.

One popular technique our landscapers regularly employ on projects around Worthing and Rustington is shaping the terrain itself. We might look to create gentle slopes or terraces to add depth and dimension to the space. This not only adds visual interest but also creates distinct zones within the garden. For instance, our patio laying team could install a feature nestled in a lower area, creating a cosy and intimate atmosphere.

To bring your garden to life, our landscapers can recommend and install a variety of plants and trees. Considering your tastes and preferences, we can carefully select species that thrive in the local climate. Want to attract butterflies and bees? Incorporate vibrant wildflowers. Craving privacy? Tall hedges or strategically placed trees can do the trick. This is the “soft” side of landscaping.

Now, let's talk about hard landscaping, or hardscaping as if it’s often abbreviated to. Our landscapers can introduce various elements like garden paving, patios, or a wood / composite decking installation to enhance functionality and aesthetics. Imagine leisurely strolling down a meandering path or hosting a barbecue on a stylish patio – the possibilities are endless, and Worthing and Rustington clients are encouraged to let their imaginations run wild.

Don't forget about the finishing touches, which can often be the difference between scoring a 8/10 and a solid 10/10! Our landscapers can recommend and install outdoor lighting to extend the usability of your garden into the evening. Picture softly glowing lanterns or subtle uplighting that accentuates key features. They can also add water features like fountains or ponds, which create a soothing ambiance and attract wildlife.

Help your garden reach its potential by bringing in our time served landscapers, who cover Worthing, Rustington and all surrounding locations. Contact us on 07592 911 676.