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Looking to spruce up your garden, improve security or shut out the prying eyes of nosy neighbours? Worthing based Salvington Landscapes are here to help. We travel throughout the West Sussex area to locations like nearby Rustington, supplying and erecting high quality garden fencing which beautifies outdoor spaces as it addresses your practical concerns. Our friendly landscapers will help you navigate the different types of garden fencing available, so you find the perfect product to integrate within your existing design scheme.

Read on to learn about some of the most common forms of garden fencing our landscapers erect in and around the Worthing and Rustington areas, before contacting us to secure a free, no obligation quote. Quality garden fencing products, installed professionally in a manner that ensures they’ll stand-up to the elements for many, many years to come, are within your grasp with Salvington Landscapes.

Garden Fencing Options

Overlap Fencing – Overlap fencing, also known as larch lap or waney edge fencing, is a widely popular choice due to its affordability and simplicity. As its name suggests, it consists of overlapping horizontal wooden slats that create a rustic and charming appearance. Worthing and Rustington homeowners often opt for this form of garden fencing for how quick and easy it is too install, which presents itself in the pricing. In a nut shell, it’s an ideal choice for those on a budget who need a functional solution for their gardens, pronto.

Closeboard Fencing – Closeboard fencing, also referred to as feather edge fencing, is known for its durability and robustness. It is constructed with vertical overlapping wooden boards that provide enhanced strength and security. If privacy and security are paramount, consider this form of garden fencing for your Worthing or Rustington home. It offers excellent resistance against wind and provides a solid barrier for the garden, which means it’s often preferred for boundary fencing or in areas where a higher level of protection is required.

Picket Fencing – Picket garden fencing won’t achieve much on the privacy and security front, but it will add a touch of charm and elegance to gardens, making it a popular choice for many Worthing and Rustington homeowners. It features vertical wooden slats with pointed tops, creating an iconic and timeless look that’s very customisable. Our landscapers recommend selecting picket fencing for its decorative appeal, as it complements cottage-style gardens and can serve as a charming border for front yards.

Trellis Fencing – Trellis fencing offers a unique combination of functionality and decorative elements. It consists of crisscrossed wooden panels that create a lattice-like pattern. Our green thumbed customers are drawn to trellis fencing for its ability to support climbing plants, which makes it very versatile; combine with all sorts of different species for eye-catching and exciting results. This form of garden fencing will also add vertical interest and greenery to Worthing or Rustington gardens, and can be used to create secluded areas, define spaces, or provide a backdrop for flowering vines and ivy.

Lost and need advice on the best form of garden fencing for a property in Worthing, Rustington or their surrounds? Pick up the phone and call our landscapers on 07592 911 676.