First Choice for a New Driveway in Worthing, Rustington or Wider West Sussex | Salvington Landscapes

Driveways are an essential part of any property, serving as both a functional space for parking vehicles and a visual element that adds curb appeal. In recent years, our landscapers have observed a surge in popularity of various driveway types, driven by factors such as aesthetics, durability and environmental consciousness. Here are some of the most popular driveway types in our principal service areas of Working and Rustington, and the reasons why our customers are choosing to invest in them.

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New Driveway Materials

Block Paving – One of the most popular options amongst homeowners in and around Rustington and Worthing, a new driveway built from block paving is durable and incredibly versatile. The pavers themselves can be sourced in a wide range of colours, shapes and patterns, allowing our landscapers to create unique designs that complement your property's style. On the utility side of things, block paving isn’t just tough, but low-maintenance while providing excellent drainage.

Resin-Bound – Many a new driveway you’ll spy around Rustington and Worthing will be resin-bound; they’ve gained significant popularity for their seamless and modern look. Our landscapers construct them by mixing aggregates with a clear resin, resulting in a smooth, permeable surface that allows rainwater to drain through. Customers appreciate the wide array of colours and finishes available, as well as their durability and ease of maintenance.

Gravel – But you can also invest in a new driveway with traditional, timeless materials. For example, gravel driveways have long been a popular choice in Rustington and Worthing due to their affordability and rustic charm. Customers are drawn to the natural aesthetic they provide, along with their ease of installation. These driveways also provide good drainage and can be easily extended or repaired by your landscapers of choice if ever damaged, or requiring change of use.

Pattern Imprinted Concrete – Choose a new driveway built from pattern imprinted concrete as a cost-effective alternative to traditional paving. Our landscapers create these installations by pouring concrete onto a prepared surface and then imprinting it with various patterns and colours. Customers around Worthing and Rustington opt for this type of new driveway for its durability, lack of maintenance requirements, and the ability to replicate the look of more expensive materials like stone or brick.

Tarmac – And how could we fail to mention a perennial new driveway favourite, tarmac? Tarmac driveways are always popular for several reasons. They are durable, weather-resistant and require minimal maintenance. Tarmac is also cost-effective, provides a smooth surface for vehicles, and gives your driveway a sleek, modern look – ideal for the newer builds our landscapers attend to around Worthing and Rustington.

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